7 – la verge de satan

  Some have said that this ‘podcast’ is obsessed with three things. 1. cocks, dicks and other flaccid bits of skin purporting to be penis like. 2. anything french and 3. ribbons and scars. Well, in the truest sense of the word ‘obsessed’, we present to vous with show 7, la verge de Satan, which roughly translates as the ‘the penis of Satan’. Actually, we kid you not. There is actually a song called that in the show. Satan’s dick. And we didn’t write it ourselves. And yes, it is probably not safe for work, or miners. It gets dangerous[…]

1 – willie nelson will you stay?

this is a one hour show. it is tagged as hula-tastic-country-fried-spoken word-beat poet-francais-samba-paradise fabrication style. all feedback gratefully absorbed. i am experimenting with the bitrate, let me know if it sounds OK for the size. http://www.sodomy.smegradio.com/fabpodcast1.mp3