4- dank u well

Episode 4, entitled ‘Dank u wel’ was recorded using records I bought in the Nederland. no real theme, just lots of dutch. And yes, there is some dutch comedy in here as well. Dutch. Comedy. I have no idea what they are laughing at, but apparently in Dutch, it is fucking hilarious. There is some strange stuff in here, plus the usual array of original beats, loops and improvised underscore all by DJ Ringfinger and his ingresso libero quintet. And for the trainspotters amongst you, the translation of the picture above is Tintin no sex? Come on!    

3 – now you’ve turned your record over

24 hours is a long time in noise making. this episode was recorded at the same time as the last one, if you are looking for any thematic links. weird country about womens lib, glitchcore, radio records and heino, what more could you want? comments, etc are welcomed (especially the etc) http://www.sodomy.smegradio.com/fabpodcast3.mp3