Welcome to Fabrication de Bruit – Ephemera of the Modern

fabrication de bruit explores the boundaries between tastes. fabrication de bruit finds strange, personal, lost, burnt, fresh and uncomfortable sounds and combines them into pieces different from the whole. look for the key words—found sound, outsider, new composts, forgotten old, strange exotica, confronting and extant, warm and thick, broken and rusty. fabrication de bruit reinterprets and curates the ephemera of the modern: tapes, VHS, label-less singles, the loud and quiet of the post-digital world, discarded objects and forgotten voices.   fabrication de bruit started over 18 years ago on a community radio station in Sydney as ‘Soundtracks and other expletives’, a[…]

Soundtracks and other Expletives: Death Special #1

You see, one day you get very excited. You find a CDR from 2007 with a long forgotten radio show, recorded live to air 15 years ago and lost ever since. Then you find the one track you want has a terminal error that refuses to rip despite every effort. In fact, when you try and rip it it reboots both computers in the house and fucks every OS up so badly that it takes hours to repair. Then as I get excited at what is left (47 minutes of unheard weirdness and some spoken word of mine that I[…]

8 – The evil that men do

  This is show 8 of the series.  It is entitled ‘the evil that men do’.  At the heart of this show is all manner of evil, cloaked and uncloaked, bound and well, not bound.  We could list all the tracks but that would seem kind of pointless.  Have a listen through and come to find meaning in the evil that men do.  Featuring over 35 minutes of new DJ Ringfinger madness, including their first real attempt at sampling concrete. Featuring a variety of found sounds from Australian preachers, an ABC radio interview from 1974, spoken word by DJ Ringfinger[…]

7 – la verge de satan

  Some have said that this ‘podcast’ is obsessed with three things. 1. cocks, dicks and other flaccid bits of skin purporting to be penis like. 2. anything french and 3. ribbons and scars. Well, in the truest sense of the word ‘obsessed’, we present to vous with show 7, la verge de Satan, which roughly translates as the ‘the penis of Satan’. Actually, we kid you not. There is actually a song called that in the show. Satan’s dick. And we didn’t write it ourselves. And yes, it is probably not safe for work, or miners. It gets dangerous[…]

6 – Critical Reflection

OK, this show may have taken some time to come together, around a year perhaps. It was originally recorded in 2011.   I could talk about the two lost hard drives, the insurmountable battles with plugs and an innate fear of the colours red and black.  That however would be excuse making at its worst.  Just enjoy the show, this time entitled  ‘critical reflection’ which features some fresh tape findings from preachers in Australia, a plea to make yourself rich from some  ‘sexy’ Americans with rhyming names and some just plain creepy country music.  There is also the first new music for 2011 from[…]

Wayback Machine vol 1 – madonna megamix woohoo funtime

So, in lieu of DJ Ringfinger getting of her/his lazy arsehole and providing us with some more of their fractured, broken beats (phat or thfin, either way), the boffins here at fabrication de bruit headquarters have found a way to podcast old shows that were first broadcast on some community radio station in Sydney, back in the dark ages. These podcasts, which quite rightly should have been forgotten, destroyed, irradiated, or otherwise deleted, represent the formative stages of our development, when we could scratch and mix, but still not walk or removes faeces from our own bot-bot. So, enjoy this[…]

4- dank u well

Episode 4, entitled ‘Dank u wel’ was recorded using records I bought in the Nederland. no real theme, just lots of dutch. And yes, there is some dutch comedy in here as well. Dutch. Comedy. I have no idea what they are laughing at, but apparently in Dutch, it is fucking hilarious. There is some strange stuff in here, plus the usual array of original beats, loops and improvised underscore all by DJ Ringfinger and his ingresso libero quintet. And for the trainspotters amongst you, the translation of the picture above is Tintin no sex? Come on!    

The first two parts of ‘Loss’ – a multimedia project by djringfinger

So, you may have been wondering, what the hell has my favourite weird DJ Ringfinger been up to all these months since he got off his lazy arse and gave us a view of his ‘Le Verge de Satan’? Well, I am glad you asked. Well, actually, clearly you didn’t ask because a) who the hell cares? Not me! He just pays me to write this blurb and b) who? Anyway, they have been busy recording sounds and video in the street, in stations and in churches (about the only place she is legally allowed to be…) and we bring[…]

In lieu of actual content, we present V.S 2012

DJ Ringfinger has not been lazy. I am not sure they are capable of lazing, something to do with the way their spine is shaped and their fear of hammocks. However, with collaborators DJ SCSI and DJ Kurac, Vinyl Sodomy has been revived, both as a practice and a podcast. Hosted by our dear friends at WhatYouWant Radio V.S 2012 as we politely refer to it will feature some of the same tentative steps into the world of music that this fine podcast takes (when we can get the electric clamps off the nipples of Ringfinger). Show #3 which belched[…]

wayback machine part 2 – stick a 12″ up yo…

In a further attempt to delay doing anything new, dj Ringfinger brings you a few shows from his stint as a ‘DJ’ on radio. Vinyl Sodomy aired over 10 years ago on 2RRR, a tiny glimmering dead star of community broadcasting in Sydney. Vinyl Sodomy Pre-History Show 4 by Djringfinger on Mixcloud Vinyl Sodomy Pre-History Show 3 by Djringfinger on Mixcloud Vinyl Sodomy Pre-History Show 2 by Djringfinger on Mixcloud