Soundtracks and other Expletives: Death Special #1

You see, one day you get very excited. You find a CDR from 2007 with a long forgotten radio show, recorded live to air 15 years ago and lost ever since. Then you find the one track you want has a terminal error that refuses to rip despite every effort. In fact, when you try and rip it it reboots both computers in the house and fucks every OS up so badly that it takes hours to repair. Then as I get excited at what is left (47 minutes of unheard weirdness and some spoken word of mine that I have no recollection of making), I spill a glass of red wine all over my magic keyboard destroying it. BECAUSE THATS WHAT HAPPENS IN THE NEW PANDEMIC WORLD. Despite all that, what you have here is 47 minutes of 2007 SOE with a soupçon of 2022 randomness. Enjoy

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