The first two parts of ‘Loss’ – a multimedia project by djringfinger

So, you may have been wondering, what the hell has my favourite weird DJ Ringfinger been up to all these months since he got off his lazy arse and gave us a view of his ‘Le Verge de Satan’? Well, I am glad you asked. Well, actually, clearly you didn’t ask because a) who the hell cares? Not me! He just pays me to write this blurb and b) who? Anyway, they have been busy recording sounds and video in the street, in stations and in churches (about the only place she is legally allowed to be…) and we bring[…]

In lieu of actual content, we present V.S 2012

DJ Ringfinger has not been lazy. I am not sure they are capable of lazing, something to do with the way their spine is shaped and their fear of hammocks. However, with collaborators DJ SCSI and DJ Kurac, Vinyl Sodomy has been revived, both as a practice and a podcast. Hosted by our dear friends at WhatYouWant Radio V.S 2012 as we politely refer to it will feature some of the same tentative steps into the world of music that this fine podcast takes (when we can get the electric clamps off the nipples of Ringfinger). Show #3 which belched[…]