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‘fabrication de bruit explores the boundaries between tastes. fabrication de bruit finds strange, personal, lost, burnt, fresh and uncomfortable sounds and combines them into pieces different from the whole. look for the key words—found sound, outsider, new composts, forgotten old, strange exotica, confronting and extant, warm and thick, broken and rusty.’

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DJ Ringfinger – your host, your guide and your racounteur


So, you want to want to know what this Fabrication de Bruit podcast is all about, huh?  It started over 15 years ago on a community radio station in Sydney as ‘Soundtracks and other expletives’, a radio show where the studio was used as an instrument to link random charity store records, found tapes and just plain outsider music.  Each show (which ran between two and six hours) was played live in the studio, with long, experimental tracks affording me the ability to pop to the lav.  There were maybe only four shows that went to air, none of which exist, wiped like the doctor who archive only to be found on random VHS tapes surfacing in South Sudan.


Given an opportunity to programme a whole night of radio after my main radio show (A Walk in the Black Forest, sadly finished but living on in archive form right HERE) I came up with the idea of Fabrication De Bruit (translation: Noise Making in French).  It started simplly enough, random songs, schlager, outsider music, you know the drill and slowly morphed into often long 20 min experimental cycles of noise, sounds, broken beats and improvised poetry and spoken word.  A few of these show still exist and are featured here.  I have a hard drive that needs fixing that has around 15 more show and when I get that done, I will start to archive more permanently these shows for posterity and spurious vanity.


After I moved to London, the show became a bi-annual podcast.  A place to hide my experiments in sound, the darker edges of what I do.  As an academic I am interested in connections, how we interact and engage and where we draw lines and boundaries.  One of those lines is the one between art, sexuality and pornography.  Another is religion, faith and fanaticism.   A number of these London based podcasts explore these blurry lines.



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