7 – la verge de satan


Some have said that this ‘podcast’ is obsessed with three things. 1. cocks, dicks and other flaccid bits of skin purporting to be penis like. 2. anything french and 3. ribbons and scars. Well, in the truest sense of the word ‘obsessed’, we present to vous with show 7, la verge de Satan, which roughly translates as the ‘the penis of Satan’. Actually, we kid you not. There is actually a song called that in the show. Satan’s dick. And we didn’t write it ourselves. And yes, it is probably not safe for work, or miners. It gets dangerous down there digging for coal.


We also bring some instructions on how to cook sole, learning French with fashion victims, quite a few long sections of Gallic erotica and something about ovaries. Amidst all this smut and dirty talk that would make even a Sailor (Derek and Wendy Sailor -my old next door neighbours) blush blue, there is almost 25 minutes of new ‘music’ from L’Annulaire et son entrée gratuite masturber cinq. As always, we really don’t want to give Him/Her any credit for doing anything creative. They are really just a machine that interprets the creative impulses of a higher power. In these pieces, ‘they’ play keyboards with their nose, throw beats into the air, sweep them off the floor, drops them in the bin and lets them rot for days (in the same way he ‘matures’ his meals to eat each night). Although to give them a small amount of credit, they did spend 97 days camped out in the station hall at Gare Du Nord in Paris to record just one small piece of crowd found sound. This is what they do for your listening ‘pleasure’. sad, eh?

Loss 6.7 Preludes Les Ruban et les cicatrices part un from DJ Ringfinger on Vimeo.

Loss 6.7 Preludes Les Ruban et les cicatrices part deux from DJ Ringfinger on Vimeo.

il est dans notre compréhension de la langue française que nous pouvons comprendre les mots d’amour, les mots du sexe, les mots de baise et les mots qui peuvent être utilisés pour décrire le verge de satan. Vous pouvez l’appeler rouge. Vous pouvez l’appeler cornée. Vous pouvez même appeler cela longtemps. Je pense que c’est juste une petite bite.

Je peux seulement dire tant de fois, la beauté qui est seulement aussi profond que vos yeux seront, un jour, brûler devant eux. Oui, de jolis yeux pairs hors de moi, mais cette fois, je ne peux que vous encourager à répéter à s’estomper, puis fin. répétition se fanent, puis fin.

pardonnez ma merde française

If you are interested in a ‘track list’ or to know what this weird stuff we have featured here actually is called, check this out hipsters;
1.Poupée de cire, poupée de son – Welle Erdball
2.Emmanuelle – Les Vibrations
3.Conte erotico sadique (No artist)
4.Le Train Fou – Michel Legrand
5.Historie d’O -Pierre Bachelet
6.Laisse tomber, les filles -Roland Vincent et orchestre
7.Prends moi – Mme st Onge
8.Les rubans et les cicatrices (part 1) – Ingresso libero five
9.Sole et pouilly – French Cooking disc
10.Vous êtes aussi jolie que mes yeux peuvent vous faire – Ingresso libero five
11.Je jour et la nuit – Ovaire
12.Soiree jerk chez le dumonceau – Michel Legrand
13.Les rubans et les cicatrices (part 2) – Ingresso libero five
14.Repeat to fade reprise – Ingresso libero five


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