dream of the 90s

This is a project being manhandled by the mighty wheels of our weirdest crew member, DJ Ringfinger and his co-conspirator, DJ Earley Curley.  It is time, they posited, to revisit the nineties, because as the crew from Portlandia noted, the the dream of the nineties is alive.


So what is the deal here?  Each month or so, Mr E.C and I will produce a podcast of songs from the specified and sequential year.  These will be songs we loved, we missed, we tried and forgot and everything in between.  Each show is culled from the hundreds of records from the across we planet we own/ed and represents a mere slice of the musical traditions that informed our youth.  The time where the majority of pay was spent not on food, or even beer, but on records.  From the dusty floor of Ashwoods, the neon and bright lights of HMV and Virgin, the elite selections of Waterfront and the straight out weirdness of Phantom, this is the nineties played out track by track, snare by snare and fading musical memory by faded musical youth.


Let’s start then in 1989.  We know it is not the nineties, but there are 12 months in a year and only 10 years in the nineties.  We did maths.  We can count.

ringfinger in 1989

Ringfinger:  It was the first year I went to university, I had a minimum wage job shelving books.  I discovered the pub, especially the Star Hotel in the city, the union bar at UTS (downstairs on level 3 of the tower, not natural light bitches) and of course, the British Ex-Servicemens Club.  I met a group of people who are still my friends to this day.  I discovered that music was more than just pop.  It was dirty, it was sweaty, it caused your head and your ears to bleed.  It made you travel 30kms from home to Selina’s and to watch your last band at 2.30am and wait on the beach for the first bus back.  It was the year of the Hummingbirds and Blush.  It was a record that changed it all.  Without that I would not be who I am now.

So, here is my take on 1989.  Hope you like it. And yes, that was me in 1989.  And, please don’t mention the hat. Or the shirt.  Or the fact I was drinking VB.  Like I said, all my money on records.

The dream of the nineties spells 1989 – Ringfinger version by Djringfinger on Mixcloud


Nirvana – About a Girl
Mudhoney – Here Comes Sickness
Bailter Space – Zero Return
Alice Donut – My life is a mediocre piece of shit
fIREHOSE- Riddle of the eighties
Pere Ubu – Waiting for Mary
The Replacements – I’ll be you
Beat Happening – Black Candy
Mother Love Bone – Chloe Dancer – Crown of Thorns
Buffalo Tom – In the Attic
The New Christs – Headin’ South
The Hummingbirds – Blush
Ratcat – Baby’s Got a Gun
The The – The (bea)ten generation
Michael Penn – No myth
Maria McKee – Drinkin’ in my Sunday Best
The Golden Palominos – Wild River
Galaxie 500 – Isn’t it a Pity
Tin Machine – Working Class Hero
Paul McCartney – My Brave Face
Elvis Costello – Veronica
XTC – The Mayor of Simpleton
Jonathan Richman – Fender Stratocaster
Violent Femmes – Nightmares
Tom Petty – Free Fallin’
The Triffids – Too hot to move, too hot to think
Psychedelic Furs – House
Joe Jackson – 19 Forever
Pixies – Here Comes your Man
Neil Young – Rockin in the free world
Max Q – Way of the World