Yes, I am a DJ.  Go figure, I like working the wheels of steel.  It is fun to get people dancing and hearing stuff they may never have heard that loud before.  I am also the promoter and marketing guru behind a number of really cool nights that have landed all across the globe.



Babypop is our premier night.  This sixties explosion of french chanson, garage, euro freakbeat and cool soundtracks has made people toss their bangs all over the planet.  Sydney. Brisbane. New York.  And all done with the BP crew, DJs SCSI-b and Kurac.  They know how to make people shake and groove.  Allez nuit. There is a website, but it is currently under completely renovation. I blame DJ SCSI-b. She is a tinkerer.


If you are looking for a sample of our work, check this little baby out.

Babypop Podcast for WhatYouWant Radio by Djringfinger on Mixcloud

2. Beat Special

beat special 2


Beat Special is our current night being held at Foots Muziekcafe in the Hague.  Featuring the plat spinning talents of DJ Mr Six from whatyouwant radio as well as myself and SCSI-b this party style night features lots of cool sixties french, beat, soul and funk, plus a nice smattering of tracks from around the globe.  I will be posting a podcasted segment of my primo set from the last one.  Apparently according to one Dutch dude it was ‘sex for his ears’.


3. Other DJ nights

I have done a heap of different nights including supporting Françoiz Breut, an Aussie night at the Mandarin Club in Sydney, quite a few lounge nights with my good friend DJ Monobrow, a warped christian/satan night hosted by Josh Shipton and his band Triangle and two Hawaiian nights billed as DJ Ri’iingfi’ingerawahi’i and co-hosted by the beautiful DJ Honeylulu.  I have also DJ’ed at a bunch of benefit gigs over the years for my favourite radio station on the planet, the mighty 2RRR in Sydney.


I am definitelyon the lookout for a place to do a sixties set here in London as well as a more permanent Australian music night.  If this sounds interesting, let me know.


My top five floor fillers

Now this was a tough choice as I have played so many different styles.  But based on my last few DJ gigs these are the songs that got me rocking, the headphones on and tilted in true Andy Van style and well, me almost dancing.  Hip shaking, earth quaking, mind making, floor filling genius.

1. Jacques Dutronc – Le Responsable – No question. No debate.  Just dance bitches.

2. Michel Polnareff – Le Mouche – Probably one of the funkiest, most psych piece commited to black plastic. We you love Polna…we really do

3. The Zoot – Eleanor Rigby – A new addition to my top dance tracks. Simply the loudest, freakiest and loudest beatles cover ever. Fuck yeah.

4. The Saints – Know your Product – Who couldn’t dance to this amazing track? I will be dropping the needle on it at the next Beat Special, the Hague you have no idea what you are in for!

5. Delphine – Le Fermeture Eclair