Stardust Hotel in Cabramatta, NSW

Here are the first couple of ‘My top 5’ and what a great selection of tracks they are!

Lets start with Phillipe (@p_perez). I met Phil at 2RRR and despite many adversities (including being a hipster), he is a great radio programmer and fan of Aus music.

The Whitlams – No Aphrodesiac.
Yes for all the shit that Time Freedman gets nowadays, this truly is a song that makes him awesome over again. The song just hits the heart in its unique way. I loved it’s lyricism back then, still do now.

Itche-e & Scratche-e – Sweetness & Light
I never was into club culture, but this song got me into the odd club and just grew on me over the years.

Warumpi Band – My Island Home
I was a bit devastated when this song was played at the Olympics and performed by Christine Anu. Yes, she popularised the song, but it’s the original that has much more weight and meaning behind it.

Not From There – Sich Offnen
This song introduced me to JJJ, which introduced me to community radio, which introduced me to the weirdo that I am today.

TISM – Thunderbirds Are Coming Out
I love this more for the film clip than anything else. But it is pretty rocking.

Next up we have David, who I met over 20 years ago through DJ Kurac. My best memory of Dave is seeing some of the amazing stuff he had in his record collection. Awe inspiring.


Scientists – We Had Love
Triffids – Monkey on my Back
Birthday Party – Mutiny in Heaven

Darren Hanlon – Scenes from a Separation
Courtney Barnett – History Eraser

Next up we have my DJ battle foe, the incomparable DJ Earley Curley (@EarleyCurley). He picked the first Australian songs on his iPod for this challenge.


in no particular order:
You’re Not the Only One Who Feels This Way by Ammonia
Roundabout by Caligula;
Agatha Christie Prik Harness;
Just Right by Beasts of Bourbon; and,

Interloper (Who Made Who mix) by The Mark of Cain

Next up, we have Ben Cameron’s choices.

Ed Kuepper – The Way I Made You Feel
The Avalanches – Since I Left You
Severed Heads – Dead Eyes Open
Front End Loader – Pulse
Icehouse – Great Southern Land

Craig Gee

I’ll never find another you – The Seekers
The Wrong Road – The Go-Betweens
)Are You) The One I’ve been waiting for? – Nick Cave
Secret Corners – The Church
Girls on the Avenue – Richard Clapton

There will be more to come in this series. If you want your top 5 Australian toons up here, just drop me a message on the contact form below and let’s share the love.