V.S sessions

The V.S Sessions

evil men do 1
The V.S Sessions are an on-going project connected with the popular podcast V.S, which you can find at What You Want Radio and again at our own site.

This show has been around for donkeys years and we used to make little beats and vignettes to play under found, weird spoken word stuff. From this, we started doing longer pieces on another show called Soundtracks and other expletives and then we did Fabrication De Bruit and before we knew this rock thing was true…

These are often quick fire little pieces, made in or two takes with minor overdubs and instrumentation. Enjoy them for what they are, fertile and fun beds for some of the weirdest found spoken word on the planet, and if you like them, check out the show. We dare you.


A little more tight, a little more tense, a little more taut

The correct use of shovels

The devil is coming (out)

Perfect prediction

A modern interpretation of feminist theory

We will add more to this as and when we are bothered to make another show. Which will be this week. We think.

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