Loss Preludes

The Loss Preludes

Released 2013

loss preludes

The Loss preludes are a series of tracks that sit outside the Loss cycle of songs, but are connected with the story. In the main, they are the finished versions of the demos that were released as part of the Sombre Rouge Sange EP. There is a video to accompany each track of the EP and lyrics and details about each track here.

Loss is a discontinuous story, told from a number of perspectives, over an inconsistent timeline. Loss is the story of ‘her’ and ‘him’ and how they chose to exist and act in worlds close to, but not the same as each other. Loss is set in Tokyo, Paris, New York and Sydney, but doesn’t really concern itself with these cities.

There are a number of recurring motifs in Loss. Black ribbons, dirty scars, sour umeboshi and bright flames. They represent hiding places, consequences, sensations and redemptions, and not in that order, and perhaps not what they seem. Each piece has its own momentum and sense of motion, a contrast between the reflective narration of the characters and the need to move on, forget and get on with life.

‘getting really angry and not knowing why‘ is one of the three prelude pieces directly connected to Loss 6. It contains found sounds from Düsseldorf and a found title, which was fluttering on a piece of transparency plastic near my house in London. This started out life as a piece called Act V, which featured my voice. The spoken word piece started life as part of an unfinished novel, and was re-written in July 2009 and again in March 2012 to include references to the current Loss story. Like with all parts of this story, it is for you to decide where it fits, if anywhere. The film was shot in and around the creek near my childhood in Sydney, Australia, with additional footage shot here in London. The music piece has been remixed and an entirely new vocal track added. It was a one take improvised performance, with all the natural imperfections left in. I think it sounds incredibly natural and quite personal. A lovely, sublime performance. The actor was Noscamparents

Track 1: Les Ruban et les cicatrices part un

Track 2: Les Ruban et les cicatrices part deux

Track 3: Getting really angry and not know why

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