Album #1


The Gap Between Yesterday and Nowhere

This is the first album from ingresso libero. It is made up of about 5 years worth of very slow music making. There are some found sounds, samples, a lot of feedback and glitchy noise and lyrics by dj ringfinger. All the instruments were played by dj ringfinger. they include a vintage casio synth, fruityloops, a KP-2,, a gibson bass, a now long sold Roland bass amp, Boss dd-6 and md-2 pedals and a crappy Suzuki violin.  There are some sounds recorded outside ikebukuro station in Tokyo  on a train platform on the New York subway and in a pachinko parlour in Nagoya, Japan.  Enjoy it.


The cover shot was taken at Singapore Changai airport, after 14 hours of headache, some weird inhalation freaking out from whatever they clean air-plane seats with and on-board sake courtesy of the lovely (insolvent) people at JAL.  Some of the tracks are part of the Loss song cycle, a multimedia project that spans video, text, spoken word and sounds.  The scope of the Loss cycle is explained here.

Listen to the album here;

Download the whole album HERE

Track list

track 1: get thee gone

track 2: gloss

track 3: …and so the waters rose

track 4: sore bleeding dirty

track 5: NIN can go fuck themselves

track 6: blood ribbons with vox

track 7: candy candles


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