April 21, 2013
by admin

New track – How do I know any of this is real?

This a track that was debuted on the podcast ‘Fabrication De Bruit’, subtitled ‘The evil that men do’ (which you can find by clicking HERE)

This semi musique-concrete, semi sound art jam explores the idea of being a digital stranger and the consequences of taking things that are said at their word. It challenges what it means to challenge and construct identity in the digital age.

The words are spoken by Calisto from fiverr.com, the sounds are manipulated and contorted short samples from 1950s and 60s classical-xploitation records.

It is the first track from a soon to be released new album, coming in Autumn 2013.  It will be rapidly followed by the LP of tracks from the ‘Loss’ song cycle, entitled ‘taken_aback’.  For sneak peaks of these tracks you can check out the Loss videos here